Our working area: The green triangle as we see it is the triangle formed by the cities Helsinki, Turku and Tampere. Municipalities that fall within this triangle are the ones we pay attention to.

Our mission: To stimulate culture and tourism within the green triangle.

Our strategy: To bundle all publicly available information in a structured manner on this website. We are looking for cooperation with others to achieve this goal.

Who are we?:  Green triangle is a private initiative to stimulate tourism in South-Finland.  Our Green Triangle is not affliated with any major company, governmental organization or NGO and has no interest outside the geographical area just described.

Why green triangle?  The area between the bigger cities in the Netherlands is called the "green heart". The same kind of area in Finland forms a triangle. "Green triangle" is therefore a natural name. Green is about our environment. It is not politics, soap or crime.

Municipalities of Interest

Akaa Koski TL Paimio Tarvasjoki
Aura Lempäälä Pirkkala Urjala
Forssa Lieto Punkalaidun Valkeakoski
Humppila Lohja Pöytya Vesilahti
Hyvinkää Loimaa Riihimäki Vihti
Hämeenlinna Loppi Rusko Ypäjä
Janakkala Marttila Salo  
Jokioinen Nurmijärvi Somero   
Karkkila Oripää Tammela